• 1. How can I place an order?

    - Under the home page, choose your preferred food and your area. Select Find a Restaurant button to display all available restaurants that delivers to your area. Then, Choose a Restaurant that you desire, and you will be redirected to their list menu with provided “+” add to Cart button on the left side of the dish for easy ordering.

    A Food Cart is provided. After placing your orders, select the NEXT button on the Food Cart to redirect to Delivery Information, where you can log in your account or create a new Soukbaba account. After you login, ensure that all information is correct. Once checked, you may now proceed to checkout.

    • 2. Can I order without having a registered account?

    - Yes. You can directly order your favorite food even without an account. But, we suggested you create an account on us, so you can save your details for later or future transaction. It will save time from supplying delivery details on every checkout process. Also, you won’t miss our exclusive offers and rewards. To create account, click here.

    • 3. Is it possible to have multiple orders at a time?
    - Yes. You can order your favorite foods in various transactions. Just keep the transaction code for every order you made.
    • 4. How would I know if my order has been received by the restaurant?
    - A confirmation will be sent to your email address, notifying that that the Restaurant is already preparing your order. The email also contains your order details and expected delivery time.
    • 5. My food is late? How can I follow up?
    - The quickest way to track your food is to Call Soukbaba Customer Care. Soukbaba provides 24/7 Customer Care Support through our hotline.
    • 6. Can I have two or more Soukbaba account with the same email address?
    - No. Every email address is restricted with one account only.
    • 7. Can I have multiple delivery addresses with one account?
    - Yes. You can add your home, office and other addresses at your profile. Choose the Addresses to add more.
    • 8. Can I change my Profile details?
    - Yes. You can change it. Just go to your profile page. There, you can change your personal details now.
    • 9. How can I pay my order?
    - Cash on Delivery or Credit Card
    • 10. Is there a minimum order?
    - Yes. Minimum order is indicated on every Restaurant page and it may vary depend on the Restaurant policy.
    • 11. Can I view my order history?
    - Yes. Your order history can be found on your profile page
    • 12. I forgot my password?
    - A “forgot password?” is located at the bottom part of Log in page. Click it, and a prompt will require your registered email address, where the Soukbaba team will send your recovered password.
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